The Constitution of the People of the Doberman Island Republic.Edit

Standard Bill of Rights for the People.Edit

  1. The state allows people the right to full freedom of Speech, Media, and Religion. No law can take away the individual rights that are given to the people involving those three things. 
  2. The state allows people the right to own fire arms, including fully automatic fire arms, if the citizen has a license and passed the state required test. If an individual has a criminal background, mental disorder, or is not qualified to own a fire arm, then the government and police force may confiscate the citizen's gun. No law can be made to take away the right to own guns.
  3. Right to public protest. People have the right to public peaceful protest as long as the protest takes place on public property.
  4. If convicted, a citizen has the right to a public hearing by a Judge and the Public at large.
  5. The people are guaranteed full and equal protection from the government with out their rights being infringed.
  6. Full right to free housing, food, and health care under the governments "People first" policy.
  7. Right to use arms in deadly force against foreign invaders, tyrannical leaders, or corrupt attacking officers of the government.
  8. Right to an Education provided by the government
  9. Full equal rights, no matter Gender, Religion, Race, Ethnicity, or sexual orientation.
  10. Right to the standard pay of the set state minimum wage.

Rules for state government and national government.Edit

  1. The government is not as important as the people, state governments may not pass laws against the constitution, but may make minor changes to them.
  2. A state government can act as the political party it represents in the state the party resides in, but, the state may not act the same way if the representative is elected Man or Woman of Power.
  3. A state may not pass laws against equal rights.
  4. A state may start a state militia under Governstatesman's personal funding.
  5. A state may run their state differently to how the nation is run. 
  6. A state government may make new laws at any time.
  7. A state government may start a state organization.
  8. The state may not charge for houses, food, or health care.
  9. A state may not declare war on another state.
  10. A state may not have rights to secede.
  11. A state may not include religion in government or the school system.
  12. The government and military cannot and will not be allowed to recognize any war that isn't on Dobermanian land unless it's a war for a state ally located with-in 100 miles, in that case, the war will be voted on.

Laws of the nation (Can not be changed by state governments)Edit

  1. Marijuana is not listed as a drug and is fully legal.
  2. All drugs are decriminalized, but users of drugs will be classified as Class A: Mentally Disabled and will be sent to a Doberman Island Republic rehabilitation center.
  3. Guns are legal.
  4. Legal age of adult hood is 15, but, if the student doesn't go through university, adulthood is revoked.
  5. Legal age to learn how to drive is fourteen - fifteen.
  6. Murder is illegal.
  7. Rape is illegal.
  8. Sexual assault and harassment are illegal.
  9. Assault of an innocent person is illegal unless in self defense.
  10. Polygamy, Polyandry, and Kidnap marriages are fully illegal.
  11. Seeing as the Doberman Island Republic is a secesssionist state, all hobbyist micronationalists that ask to have a political job in the Doberman Island Republic will be instantly denied. Doberman Island Republic only allows official citizens to run organizations. (Meaning any one who is already involved in a micronation or macronation in any way, shape, or form can not run for office.)
  12. Non-Citizens are forbidden from living in the nation. The only way to gain access to the nation for life is by becoming a Dobermanian citizen.
  13. When a war is voted on, anyone that says "yes" will be drafted into the Military for that specific war.

Acts. Edit

  1. Military Act
  2. Protection Act
  3. GMO Act