DIR Military Forces.Edit


The DIR has three military branches each designed to cover a specific aspect of national defense.

  • Naval Ground Assault Force 
  • Naval Assault Force
  • Aerial Assault Corp

Each branch has a camouflage selected specifically for their combat role and area of operation.

  • NGAF - Woodland MARPAT 
  • NAF - Navy blue 
  • AAC - BDU woodland camo

Combat Uniforms, Dress Uniforms, and Ranking System.Edit

Woodland marpat seamless by signcrafter-d494ifa

NGAF camo


NAF camo


AAC camo

Code Of ConductEdit

I. You are a warrior, fighting to defend the DIR, its people, and to keep its way of life un-tainted

II. As long as the soldiers under my command, as well as myself, heve the means to resist, we will never surrender.

III. If i am captured, I will continue to resist my captors by all means avaliable.  I will attempt to escape and aid others in their escape.  I will not accept special favors from my captors that my comrades have not recieved.

IV. If captured, i will help keep the morale high amongst my comrades, and not harm them in any way (direct or indirect),.

V. When Questioned by my captors I am required to give only my name, rank, service number and DOB. I will evade answering any other questions to the best of my ability, especially those disloyal to my nation and my comrades' cause.

VI. I will maintain patriotism in myself and amongst my comrades for as long as I can.  I will hold myself responsibile for my actions.  I will place all my trust in my Morals, Country, and my Comrades

Government Ranks
Family of Power Family of Power Family of Power
Secretary of Government Secretary of Government Secretary of Government
Governstatesman Governstatesman Governstatesman
Highest Military Rank
Highest rank in the PADF (besides government) (Always held by Forsman Family)
Comandant General of the Doberman Island Republic's PADF
High Honors Ranks.
Commander General Admiral of the Fleet General of the AAC
Field Marshal Vice Admiral General AAC Chief of Staff
Federal Overseer Admiral Lt. General
O-6 Colonel Captain Colonel
O-5 Lt. Colonel Commander Lt. Colonel
O-4 Major Bridge Commander Major
O-3 Captain Bridge Lieutenant Captain
O-2 1st Lieutenant Bridge Sergeant 1st Lieutenant
O-1 2nd Lieutenant Ensign 2nd Lieutenant
E-9 First Sergeant Deck Commander Chief Master Sergeant
E-8 Sergeant Major Deck Major Senior Master Sergeant
E-7 Master Sergeant Deck Captain Master Sergeant
E-6 Sergeant First Class Deck Officer Technical Sergeant
E-5 Staff Sergeant Deck Petty Officer Staff Sergeant
E-4 Sergeant Deck Sergeant Flight Sergeant
E-3 Corporal Deck Sailor Sky Cadet First Class
E-2 Private First Class Freshman Sky Cadet
E-1 Recruit Recruit Recruit