Purpose of the SIOBEdit

The SIOB is a independent unit who serve under the Man of Power directly. The men are trained to protect the royal family and to investigate on international crimes. The SIOB is, in some ways, a national police force.


In order to obtain the honor of being in the SIOB you must have atleast three years in the Dobermanian PADF military. After the three years are complete and you sign up for the SIOB, you will be sent to a training camp in North State where you will be put in a scenario to match the most devistating events that could happen to you or your team on the job.


Rank Special information
Deputy Director
Associate Deputy Director
Executive Assistant Director
Associate Executive Assistant Director
Assistant Director
Deputy Assistant Director
Section Chief
Unit Chief
Special Agent in Charge
Assistant Special Agent in Charge
Supervisory Special Agent
Supervisory Senior Resident Agent Only applies in resident agency offices
Senior Resident Agent non-supervisory, in a resident agency
Special Agent
Trainee Until graduation from Training School